Author: Eric Brown

Adult Sports Eric Brown 

A character’s physical attributes should go beyond just being “athletic and gorgeous, 28.”

You can’t go a day without hearing about media portrayal in some form or another. These include: When Meryl Streep told an all-white film festival jury, “We’re all Africans actually,” she was defending an all-white film festival jury. (Meryl, please don’t say that!) Even in an era of democratized connectedness, concerns about who gets to […]

Adult Sports Eric Brown 

Adults in Arizona are attempting to prevent transgender students from participating in school sports.

Marilyn Morrison, Chelsa Morrison’s daughter, was finally ready to return to public school this year. In 2017, their family relocated from Texas to Arizona, the same year that Texas politicians presented an anti-trans measure that would restrict girls like Marilyn, now 11, from using the toilet that matches their gender identification in schools. Even though […]

Adult Sports Eric Brown 

Only one out of every four adults who participated in sports as children are still doing so today.

Boston, Massachusetts (USA) – Almost three in four individuals (73 percent) participated in sports as children, but only one in four (25 percent) do so now as adults, according to a new poll from NPR/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. However, parents continue to encourage their children to participate in sports, […]