Best Mobile Apps All Car Owners Should Try Out

With so many apps available, how is a car owner supposed to decide which apps he or she will need? We put together a list of suggestions based upon situations one may encounter on the open road. Here are just some of the best mobile apps to see us through.

1. Best Map app: Google Maps. Need a map to get there on time? Pick the best and shortest route.

2. Best app for Roadblocks and delays: Beat the Traffic. Where are the traffic delays? Find an alternate route.

3. Best app for Speed Traps: Waze. Are you in a hurry to get there? The law could slow you down, but this app can let you know where they are hiding.

4. Best app for Gas usage: Fuel Buddy. How much gas does your car use? Calculate how far you can go on a tank.

5. Best app for finding Gas: GasBuddy. So using gas is not a problem, but where can you fill up? Locate the cheapest gas in town.

6. Best app for Breakdowns: Torque Lite. Need to know how hard your engine is working? Monitor what is happening under the hood.

7. Best app for finding Repair Shops: RepairPal. Maybe your engine was working too hard? Find the nearest mechanic to keep you moving.

8. Best app for finding Entertainment: PlayBox. Need something to do while you wait for repairs? Watch a movie to pass the time while you wait.

Sure, not all of the apps will be needed since some are useful in more than one of the named situations and there are many other comparable alternatives so these are simply suggestions to use along the way. And hopefully you won’t find yourself in some of these predicaments! However, these are the best mobile apps for car owners because you can try them for free and they are available for both iOS and Android.