Mobile Strike Units Guide for Vehicles: Armored Vehicle, Rocket Artillery, Tank, LAV

If you want to have tons of fun, you have to download Mobile Strike. However, you will be able to get the most out of this amazing video game if you know as much as you can about unit guides for armored vehicles and things like that. Mobile Strike is a new game designed to immerse anyone in an atmosphere of modern war, and you can become a hero right away. You will be able to control the action, build a base, and test your troops against any enemy. So read on to find out more about Mobile Strike gold hack and its unit guides

Armored Vehicles

If you are to specialize in the famous Armored Vehicle for the mobile strike game, you are in the right place. You just have to use some of the following ways so you can boost the power of any armored vehicle unit. To boost your Armored Vehicle, you have to get some commander skills, so the Troop Attack should have 5 points and 5% attack. You can also get a helmet made polyester.

Rocket Artillery

This unit guide for Rocket Artillery can take your performance to a whole new level in this game. Rocket Artillery has what is considered the highest load capacity that you can find among tier 4 units. For Rocket Artillery, you oil will cost 1,000 units and stone will cost 1,000 units as well. And the research cost of stone and food is 9,600,000. And the stats for Power is 48.


The unit guide for Tans is very simple, so you just have to pay close attention to make this happen here. Tanks are very powerful vehicles, and they are also tier 4 vehicles. These types of vehicles are the fastest in the tier 4 unit that you can find in this game. Though they are weak against any Infantry, they strong fighting against any Tactical unit. For Tanks stones will have a unit cost of 1,000 as well as a research cost of 4,800,000 too.


LAV are just tier 3 vehicles that you can find in the video game Mobile Strike. In fact, these are the fastest units in the tier 3 category. Though they are weak against any Infantry, they strong fighting against any Tactical unit. In fact, LAV are 1.5 times stronger in any battle than any other Armored Vehicle out there. For LAV the stone will have a unit cost of 150 and a research cost of 400,000.

As you can see, these unit guides are very useful for anyone who wants to get the most out of Mobile Strike. Armored Vehicles require that you get the right skills for the commander, and you should also bear this fact in mind at all times. If you want to get tons of load capacity, you have to use Rocket Artillery right away. If you need velocity, you have to use a Tank as soon as possible. If you want a vehicle that is both strong and fast, you have to get a LAV right away.