NSA Fuck Friend

10 Tips For A Successful Fuck Friend

If you’re not familiar with no-strings-attached, NSA fuck friend this is the article for you.

Every guy wants to fuck hot and sexy women all the time, but most of us feel we aren’t worthy to experience it. We work out, we diet, make money all to attract the hottest women possible only to be cast aside when we cold approach at a bar or club.

The problem isn’t that you’re not good-looking enough or don’t have enough money. It’s you lack the confidence and the right strategy to get women coming to you so you can set the terms of the relationship.

I’m sure if it were up to you, most of the relationships you have would be NSA fuck friend, right? You would have a pretty strenuous vetting process for who you let into your life if it were up to you, or maybe you wouldn’t.

This article has 10 tips that will help you create and maintain an NSA relationship with any woman you choose. If you follow these tips you’ll have women knocking on your door as much as you want.

Warning! If you’re not ready to have multiple NSA relationships and women practically knocking down your door to sleep with you then this article is not for you. The tips are dangerous in the wrong hands and should only be distributed to men that can handle the benefits of these tips. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Tip #1: Quickly establish that you’re Making the Rules

NSA Fuck Friend is all about a relationship on your terms. If she’s asking you to do “boyfriend” jobs or take her out, then you’re not in the no-strings-attached zone.

Right from the get-go, you need to show her that all her “honey-do” activities are not for you. It’s easier when you’re in college and NSA fuck friend is expected, but in the real world, it’s a little more difficult to navigate.

Tip #2: Never Show Weakness

Whether you’ve noticed or not, she is testing you all the time. Women think differently than men, and they are always on the lookout for a potential long-term relationship.

Think about it, many women don’t work and don’t want to work, so hooking up with you could be in her benefit besides having the physical pleasure of having sex.

Tip #3: Avoid the Relationship Conversation at all Costs

Sometimes avoiding the relationship conversation isn’t possible, but if you can you should avoid it like the plague. This conversation will most likely mark an end to NSA fuck friend with her and move to either splitting up or entering a serious relationship.

Relationships stemming from NSA fuck friend are usually not the best. They are too physical in nature and relationships based on sex lack substance and fizzle out quickly.

There are outliers and I’m not saying NSA fuck friend always ends in failure, I’m saying it’s rare so don’t be surprised when things come to a crashing halt.

Tip #4: Stand Your Ground

Being a man and standing your grand in a relationship like this is more important than ever. To maintain this kind of relationship you have to be ready to walk out anytime. She needs to know, that if she gets out of line you have one foot-out-the-door.

Remaining in non-attachment throughout is vital to NSA fuck friend finesse. The term “no strings attached” means no attachment. If you can’t let go of the feelings you have for each other you’re doomed from the start.

Tip #5: Make Sure You Keep Space between You Too

Maintaining space is important to make sure you’re going to keep the relationship in the NSA fuck friend zone. There’s a fine line between no strings attached and fuck friend. In some ways, they are the same.

The big difference is it’s a longer-term arrangement that goes beyond the fuck friend phase. fuck friend is something you do when you first meet, but NSA fuck friend is when you agree to never get serious.

The best way to make sure you’re in the NSA fuck friend zone is to put at least a few days between you and her after your last rendezvous. It’s vital to get your mind right after sex, and it’s easy to get in the relationship zone shortly after great sex.

Tip #6: Avoid Sleep-Overs in NSA Fuck Friend

If you’re going to bars and getting drunk then meeting up after to fuck, then it’s tough to abide by this rule.

The problem is sleep-overs lead to breakfast, then spending the day together, and then relationships. Keeping it casual takes a lot of work and if you’re not aware of what the boundaries are then you’ll struggle to keep things at the right level.

Tip #7: Tell the Truth

This is a lot different than being yourself. Tell the truth means you need to be honest with yourself about what you want and then communicate that to her. It needs to be known what you want.

If that’s a relationship, then so be it, but for the most part you should reiterate what you want from her and that will make her comfortable talking to you about what she wants.

Tip #8: No Expensive Gifts or Intimate Dinners

Isn’t one the points of NSA fuck friend so you don’t have to spend a bunch of money? So many times, I see guys in NSA relationships and they are taking their woman out for a date to an expensive restaurant and buying her jewelry. Then they say, “She’s not my girlfriend though.”

Tip #9: No Surprises

Keep the surprise visits to a minimum, at least, at first so that your schedule and hers is honored. You don’t want her to show up for a booty call when you’re entertaining another woman or your parents. It’s best to get to know each other before that happens.

Now, one of the benefits of NSA fuck friend is the surprises, but that could be the downfall if she starts coming over when it’s unwanted.

Tip #10: Prepare Yourself for the Inevitable

At some point, either you or her will find someone that you want to be with. In that case, you should end your NSA relationship with each other.

That can be a pretty tough thing to do if you don’t handle it correctly, so make sure you prepare yourself mentally for that inevitable day.

Final Thoughts on NSA Fuck Friend

After you close the deal after hooking up, you need to establish whether you want NSA fuck friend
or a relationship. She might have a completely different opinion than you, and that’s why you need to have your head right when you do have that honest conversation.

As you can see there is a lot to think about when you’re into NSA fuck friend. The lure of “no strings attached” is deceiving because it seems very simple. It is simple if you’re honest with yourself and her. Write that down.