Optimal Deck for Arena 5 in Clash Royale to Dominate and Win

Arena 5 is about when Clash Royale gets super serious. This is when the game turns from newbie friendly to serious mode where the arenas are filled with strong and advanced players. Arena 5 tends to also be the bottleneck for many intermediate players due to availability of special cards like the ever popular Wizard and spells like Zap, Mirror, etc.

After competing in Arena 5 and 6 in recent weeks and dominating it with win rate of 95%, this is what the optimal deck for Arena 5 looks like to handle all that this level has to offer. I was able to fully assemble and level up all the cards by using the Clash Royale gem hack that works without any glitches. The key was following the online generator that actually works in 2016.

Bomb Tower

Primarily a defensive building that can deal some sick Area of Effect damage. Its best used as a protection device for your prized troops but you can also use it offensively. Position it right and it can really turn the tide of the battle when you use it to put a hurting on your enemy’s defensive structure.

Hog Rider

Solid unit all around with a nice balance of damages and hit points to absorb all the punishments. Hog Rider in Arena 5 should be used as a front-runner in your attack scheme. When you combine the power of Hog Rider with Baby Dragon, that’s when you can really start putting out some serious damage.

Baby Dragon

Pairs excellently with Hog Rider who has weaknesses against defensive buildings like Inferno Tower and Tombstone. By combining the high damaging attacks of Baby Dragon with hit soaking tanks like Hog Rider, you can inflict some serious damage.

Spear Goblin

An excellent backup unit for Baby Dragon. Make sure to pair them up with Baby Dragon with the right timing and placement and when you throw in the Hog Rider on top of that, you are looking at almost invincible troop at Arena 5 level.


Combination of high damaging attacks and high hit points makes Knight almost indispensable in this deck setup. Due to its relatively low elixir cost of 3, this is an excellent card to use when you aren’t fully ready to commit to an attack but have an overflow of Elixir to keep your opponents busy.


This is a card that should be in the arsenal of all Arena 5 decks. With its super low cost of 3 elixir points, Arrow can be devastating against a large swarming troops. Save this when your enemy unleashes swarms on your Hog Rider or Knights which they are weak against.


Only 3 elixir costs that makes for a very nice defensive structure. Its weakness lies in its short range but don’t be fooled. Cannon can inflict some serious damage on all attacking crews on your towers and base.


Another card that should be a stable. Arena 5 will have you seeing a lot of Prince running around, the flavor of the month card. Well, Tombstone is the perfect counter against Prince but also other heavy tanks as well. A must to have in your deck for Arena 5.

Here is a youtube breakdown on another Arena 5 deck strategy that’s worth checking out: