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Belgian former racing driver

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Jacky Ickx

Jacky Ickx otherwise known as Jacques Bernard Ickx, was a famous Belgian racing driver who won six times in the notable 24 Hours of Le Mans, the world’s oldest sports car endurance racing. This is considered to be one of the most renowned races in the world. In Formula One, he had eight wins and 25 podium finishes. Formula One is the highest class of single-seater car racing. Meanwhile, Ickx also won in the Dakar Rally, which is an annual off-road racing.

Ickx was born in January 1, 1945 and currently, he is 69 years old. He was introduced to the world of racing through his father who was a motoring journalist. He did not love the sport at first until his father bought him a 50 cc Zundapp motorcycle. That was when Ickx started joining races.

In 1965, Ickx turned to saloons from motorcycles. He won the Spa 24 Hours twice but then, Formula One team’s boss Ken Tyrrell’s attention was caught by his skills. He was put into his Formula Three team and Jacky showed a good performance right away. However, his Matra was quite unreliable.

Soon, Tyrrell promoted Ickx to Formula Two in 1966. In 1977, he won 3 races and he even qualified for the German Grand Prix. He was pitched for this despite the more powerful Formula Cars that were there at that moment. In 1968, he placed fourth in the German Grand Prix before his suspension broke. This paved way for his promotion to Formula One under Ferrari.

grand-prixLater on in 1969, he moved to Brabham and won twice more. That was when he won the Le Mans 24 Hours as well. The title didn’t last long with him as Jackie Stewart soon got the title.

In 1970, he was back with Ferrari and won thrice, but was a second placer again. Frustrated with the decline of Italian cars’ performance, he joined Lotus in 1974 but then, Ferrari once again improved so it was somehow a wrong move. Ultimately, the peak of his career was when he joined Williams, Ensign, and Ligier. He got a record of six wins in Le Mans 24 Hours and since then, he has actively been involved in the modernization of Spa-Francorchamps.

Jacky Ickx now has a daughter named Vanina Ickx who is also a racecar driver and he is married to singer Khadja Nin.

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